What we do

Coachtokens.com is a network of sites dedicated to help people like you live a better life.

We offer training on multiple subjects

Want to know to improve your discipline, how to make better decisions, how to get a raise, how to write a movie or get in shape? Our diverse subjects will help you in almost every aspect of your life.

We let you track your progress

Our unique innovative workflows are dynamic self-service questionnaires you can fill in confidentially to get a better insight into your life. They can help you make a decision or see your progress in your personal growth

Our coaches are on there for more help

In addition to writing easy to read and process content, our coaches are on standby to offer that additional hint or guidance when you need it. From diverse cultural, religious and experience backgrounds, you are bound to find someone to help you.

Is something missing in your life?

We want to help you become the best you can be.

Do you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential and you need help to reach it?

Do you feel like you lack a direction in life as if you were lacking an important instruction manual?

Does everyone else seem more happy, more successful, luckier?

It’s probably because you didn’t learn the basic skills of life itself…

This is where we come in. Our coaches have learned how to be successful, how to be happy, and are willing to teach it to you.

After all, when someone doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle we teach it to them…

If you don’t know how to be happy, how to be successful, let us teach you how to be!

Our Approach & Values

We believe that to succeed in life, we need to learn skills, but that many of the core skills required to succeed like discipline, decision making, relationship management (to only name a few) are implicitly explained and never explicitly taught.

We believe that this lack of knowledge causes unhappiness, misery and prevents success.

We believe that most people want to learn those core skills but simply don’t know how.

We also believe that since people do not know core skills like how to learn new skills outside of school, how to discover new hobbies or how to get in shape, they lack the ability to explore new things for fun or even for their careers.

We finally believe that despite all of these problems, we can teach almost anyone those core skills so they can be happy and successful like we are.

Our process is about teaching you the skills you need to be happy, it’s not about forcing you to follow a specific faith or set of rules.

Examples of our credentials

  • Many of coaches have been married for over 20 years
  • A few of our coaches have successful businesses
  • Most of our coaches have college degrees in various fields
  • Some of our coaches have gone through hardships like depression, growing up in a dysfunctional family or even drug addiction and still found how to get back up.

More about Coach Values

  • We have coaches of many faiths: Baptist, Romain Catholic, Atheist, Gnostic, etc..
  • We have coaches in multiple parts of North America: across the US and a few in Québec, from the French-Canadian culture which has different values, can offer alternative ideas on how to be happy.
  • All of our coaches have empathy and a profound desire to help others achieve their own potential.
  • All of our coaches believe that people can change, improve and get better if they are given the chance to learn new skills.
  • None want to impose a set of values or a unique faith.

The post-conformist mindset

At the core of our process is the post-conformist mindset, which is as follows:

We believe that society fails to properly teach the core skills needed to be happy, cooperate with other members of society and become a productive member of that society.

Instead, we think that society has decided to impose a set of social programming forcing us to follow a pre-determined set of rules to compensate for its inabilities to show us how to both be ourselves, and be a functional part of society.

We believe this social programming helped destroys our ability to be ourselves.

Our solution is the post-conformist mindset which aims to allow individuals to be themselves, while still being a productive member of society.

A post-conformist isn’t someone who rejects society (like an anti-conformist). It is someone who both embraces society and follow it rules, while fully and firmly being themselves.

It means having your own values, your own lifestyle, your own plan in life, but living in harmony with the rest of society.


And we can teach you how to do that…

See how it works…