Almost everything is purchased with our tokens

There are 2 ways to get them: via a subscription or, a individualy

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What are the terms and conditions?

It is very simple: if you get a paid subscription, we will set-up an automatic billing system which will take each month your monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time, provided you do so in advance enough to not get charged for the next month.

Any unlocks you made will remain yours forever. Any tokens you had not spent will remains usable until they expire.

No penalties for cancellation, no punishment. Come back anytime you want!


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you bought a subscription plan and are unhappy with it, we can refund you your first month, but you will lose all of your unlocks. Your account will be terminated.

If you cancel in your first month but do not ask for a refund, you will keep all of your unlocks and will be able to continue using the site.

When do tokens expire?
When you purchase a token, they expire 180 days after purchase, so make sure to use them prior to their expiry.

Your subscription tokens, however, typically expire on your next renewal: they are meant to be used in the same month as you received them. In other words, with the Starter plan, you can use up to 5 tokens per month, but any unused tokens are simply lost. Certain promotions may change this behavior: look out for them!

There is an exception to the general expiration rule however: when you contact a coach, a token (or more) are set aside to pay for the contact and are only spent once the coach has replied. During that time, they are held in escrow and will not expire even if the coach replies after the expiration date of your token.

In your account overview, you will see the tokens grouped by expiration date, and the tokens that expire the soonest will always be used first.

What if I am unhappy with an unlock?
We do not typically offer a token-back guarantee on our booklets or coach contacts, so make sure from the descriptions that you know what you are about to unlock.

However, if you unlocked the wrong workflow from a coach, we can change the activation to another if both are daily workflows and you contact us on the same day as the wrong activation.

Despite all of these rules, if you are unhappy with booklet, a workflow or an answer from a coach, make sure to contact us about it with suggestions on how to improve them.

All unlocks include free updates for life and your suggestions might make it in a future update for free. In some rare cases, you might even get a free token as a way for us to thank you!

As for a problem with an answer from a coach, we might, if we agree the coach did make an error to either have them contact you again with a revised answer or get another coach to step in and help, but we can’t promise it: some questions simply do not have easy answers.

So if a coach cannot answer my question, I don't get my token(s) back?

Let’s scale back for a minute. What should you do before contacting a coach?

  1. Read his booklets that were written about the subject of your question. For example, the first booklet written for the system was a booklet on self-discipline. If your question is about self-discipline, make sure to read it from cover to cover.
  2. Find out if there are workflows to help you put into practice the theory presented in the booklet.
  3. If you can’t find an answer to your question, try to find out if there are other booklets or material from the coach

So, you still don’t have an answer to your question? 

Check if your coach has an appropriate contact workflow in which you can prefill a series of questions to help them guide you.

From there, the coach will have 3 choices:

  1. Offer a complete response, which we hope will satisfy you!
  2. Offer a partial response to guide you on your way
  3. Explain they cannot help you with that question, in which case you DO get your token(s) back!

We suspect the problem will be with option 2: the partial answer.

Let’s keep with the self-discipline example: if you ask that coach for a customized self-discipline program, you will instead receive a short answer explaining how you can create one as this is too much a general question.

The narrower your questions, the easier a coach can provide you with an answer!