How our system works

See how simple it is to get your life back on track

We have multiple ways to help you

Booklets from our coaches

Our coaches write easy to read booklets to help you learn how to improve your life. They are our core method for teaching.

Most booklets can be unlocked for only a few tokens!

Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic workflows are questionnaires to help you work through your problems, find a solution , or track your progress.

Many workflows can be unlocked for a single token and can be reused infinitely!

Personal Exchanges

Our coaches are also available to exchange messages to provide personal guidance and training,

Cost in tokens varies by coach and duration, but remains affordable

Our Expertise

Our growing list of coaches can help you on a variety of subjects. Here is a sample:

Mid-life crisis

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In your thirties or forties and you are unsure how to move ahead in life?

Let our coaches help you find a way out of your rot so you can become the best version of yourself.

Stress & Anxiety

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Struggling with Stress? Worried about our future? Our coaches can help you well more balanced and mindful of the present so you can deal with the future with a calmer mind.

Time Management

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Do you have the impression that you never do enough with your days?

Let our system (and our coaches) optimize your days. We have an exclusive day tracker workflow that can help you streamline your schedule and reduce time wasters.

Family Member Conflict

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Fighting with your spouse, child or parents? Our coaches can help you reduce tension and solve issues.


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What to get into shape? What to lose weight or eat better?

Our fitness coaches can help you find the perfect exercise regime for your condition and what to eat to get your perfect body.


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Struggling with depression? Our coaches can help you deal with your thoughts and emotions and we have workflows designed to help you improve your mood and productivity.

Depression is a serious matter which requires professional help, but even the best therapists are rarely more available than once per week. Our coaches can help you between your sessions in order to get the full benefit and recover faster.


Irregular Sleep Cycles

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Having problems with sleep? Suffering from insomnia or simply unable to get everything done to go to bed at a decent time of the day?

Our coaches can help you find the peace (and time) to sleep well.

Relationship Issues

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Being in a couple isn’t easy, but when you make it work, you get a partner that will help you be the best you!

Our coaches can help you get the most of your relationship and solve problems along the way.

Creativity Blocks

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Are you trying to be a writer? Do you have ideas you want to publish? 

Several of our coaches have a creative background and can help you get the maximum out of your ideas.

Faith Guidance

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A few of our coaches are pastors or theology graduates. If you want to get faith-based guidance or help, our team is there for you.

Whether you need a deeper understanding of God, or you need to better learn the Good word, we can help you.

But we can also help you if you are an Atheist looking for answers: we have coaches of multiple faiths and beliefs and will not try to impose a system of religious (or not) belief on any of our members.

Decision Making

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Do you have the impression that you almost make the wrong choice? Are you impulsive in your purchases or choices? 

Or rather, are you indecisive and unable to commit to a decision? 

We can help you with booklets on how to make better decisions and workflows to help you guide your decision-making process.

Promotions and Career Help

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Are you tired of waiting for your next promotion? Let our coaches help you reach your full potential at work.

Put yourself in the perfect spot to improve your career.

Getting Started is Easy


Sign-up to our of our plans

We have 4 low-cost plans (and a free one!) with instant activation. Simply register to sign-up to the site

Activate your first discipline

Our system is a network of micro-sites which we call “Domains”. Our Starter plan allows you to add one new domain per month, but the higher plans give you full access to all on day one!


Read a booklet or fill a workflow!

If you have a paid plan, you will have a least 5 tokens you can instantly spend on your first booklet or paid workflow!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are tokens used?

You can buy a booklet or other training material, unlock premium workflows or contact a coach via a contact workflow

Almost everything on the site is either free with a paid membership or only costs a few tokens.

Unlocking a booklet or workflow provides you with lifetime access to your purchase… and any updates!

So do we actually talk to the coaches?

Most of the interactions with coaches are done via the booklets they produce, the training material they produce and the premium workflows they create, but they also make contact workflows to ask them specific questions.

How can we get tokens?

Every paid membership plan includes a certain number of tokens each month you can use to contact coaches, unlock content and buy booklets.

The Free membership level doesn’t come with tokens, but you can buy tokens individually for the low cost of $10 USD each.

However, our Starter membership package is only $29.95 USD per month and includes 5 tokens per month and more features!

What are the types of workflows?

  • Basic workflows are free on the site with membership and are designed for daily usage such as helping you with time management.
  • Premium workflows are created by coaches to help you with your daily life. They offer insight into your lifestyle and can guide you on your journey. Unlocking a premium workflow usually costs a token (but bigger ones might cost a few more).
  • Contact workflows are special workflows where the answers to your questions actually come from a coach, who will take the time to answer our question properly. They are free to unlock but cost one (or more) token each time a coach answers it. You know in advance how many tokens it costs, and it doesn’t vary from coach to coach: it varies on the complexity of the answer expected from the coach

The Starter package only allows one domain per month, what does that mean?

We are a network of coaching sites which all operate on the same platform. With the starter package, you can initially only access content from either the site you signed-up from or a common pool of premium content available to all customers.

On your second month, you will be able to view the content from a second one of our domains, and so on, until you will have access to all of our domains!

You can upgrade to a bigger plan to unlock every domain on your first day. If you later downgrade, you can keep all of your unlocked content, but will only have access to as many domains as the number of months since you joined.